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Where did LJM Memorial hospice come from?

The founder of LJM Memorial Hospice, Kate McLaughlin was inspired when questioned by the funeral director, John Tidworth about what she hoped for the future with her family. When faced with something she didn't actually know the answer to he encouraged her with 'what would Liam have wanted?' 

Liam had expressed to Kate on occasions that when he dies she should be happy, she should use things they had learned through his illness and help others. This was where she took her idea from. Liam's time out of home for 'respite' and palliative care service wasn't anything like the care and environment she had expected and had experienced before and frankly was more stressed and upset when using the service provided. 

Kate told John 'I'm going to open up a purpose built hospice here in Perth. I'm going to create a wonderful place where families can come during the end stages of a loved ones life, where they can continue to live in a safe environment with enough staff to become personal with families not just administer medications. We will take a holistic and natural approach foremost, where nothing is missed out. Happy and fond memories can and will be made there."

Kate was off on a mission and in less than 2 years from Liam passing she gained a wealth of support and charity status for her not for profit mission. 

So whats next for LJM Memorial Hospice?

While waiting on the application from DMIRS being processed, supporters of LJM Memorial Hospice are fundraising to make donations which will allow the board members to research more into the services that are available here in WA and get closer to achieving our ambition. 

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