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Kate McLaughlin

Founder of LJM Memorial Hospice.




I'm not really sure what anyone wants to read about here. I might as well start from the beginning?

I was born January 1984, in Scotland, UK. Just an average kid, shy but "could get a piece at anyones door" is what heard often. I think that means people liked me.

I had a steely determination that one day I would live in Perth, Western Australia.


Just because. 

I knew very little about the place but something in me was telling me it was the place. 

When I met Liam, My would be husband I gave him the low down on our first date. One day I WILL live in Western Australia.  

We came, we worked hard and harder still so that we could make Perth our home. We were granted PR, found out we were expecting our first child and 5 months later we were told that Liam had Glioblastoma Multiforme, stage 4 brain cancer. He was 28 years old and given a life expectancy of 1-3 years.


We managed 2 together. 

Now I'm continuing to live in Western Australia with our daughters and with a goal to provide a service that is not yet available in Western Australia or to my knowledge the whole of Australia. 

End of Life Care funded entirely by the Public.

Caring for someone near the end of their life, illness related or not, is tasking. Physically, mentally, spiritually and financially. Services of course are available but who are they?

What do they do exactly?

What is the cost?

How do I apply?

How do we get involved?

These were questions I would find myself asking time and time again. It made an exhausting role even harder to fulfil. 

The end of life care we had at home was good. Silver Chain provided a great service when ever we needed medical assistance and support. When it became unsafe to care for Liam at home Silver Chain addressed the use of the city's palliative care, Bethesda. They have a great location on the river and are based in a hospital ward. In my experience this is not where end of life care is or should be provided

I had been expressing these thoughts to the funeral director we used which is when it came to me that WA could benefit from a hospice service, addressing death with love and consideration and an open mind and heart to death.

An end of life care facility for ALL.

A facility that can be as comfortable as home. 

A place where all your worries can be left by the front door and you enjoy this time with the people you love,

and can continue doing the things you enjoy doing. 

Perth is such a supportive and generous community. They supported Liam and myself though the hardest part of our lives and its not that I feel I'm in debt to my community, I feel love for you all and I want to ensure that no one feels the way me and my family did during the end stages of Liams life. 

My background barely assists me in this plan, my career was in child care, private, state and with the NHS. The later gives me little insight to the basic workings of a health care facility. I am pretty much doing this blind. But I will do this, hopefully with a lot of help. I am under no illusion that I am going to need it. 

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